We excel in the rapid deployment and development of software solutions.



  • We specialize in the design, development and deployment of enterprise-class, web-based applications for customers requiring scalable, high availability solutions.
  • Using proven development techniques, Trigon delivers integrated software applications that are on schedule and within budget. Download PDF here.
  • Methodology

    In cases where custom software development provides the best solution to a business challenge, Trigon partners with clients to ensure a solid understanding of business, functional, and integration requirements. If the custom work contributes to a larger development or integration project, schedules are synchronized. Trigon then uses proven rapid application development techniques to ensure delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Tools

    We deliver solutions using a wide range of development tools and technologies, and are especially proficient delivering e-Business solutions using:

    • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) tools to develop CORBA-compliant UNIX solutions, based on Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
    • Microsoft COM/.Net technology for delivering Windows-based web solutions
  • Vendor Expertise

    Trigon is a skilled Enterprise Java Bean developer and Microsoft Certified Solution Provider. Trigon also has solid working relationships with the following vendors, and expertise with their hardware and software offerings:

    • Network solutions provider Cisco Systems
    • Hardware vendors Sun, Dell, and HP
    • E-Business enabler Vitria
    • Database solution provider and e-Business enabler Oracle
  • Download Project Briefs

    Bill Analysis
    Billing Data Conversion
    Channel Claims
    Handset Transparency
    Team Cards
    Vesta Ordering Solution


  • Trigon has the business knowledge and technical expertise to provide fully integrated software solutions. Whether starting fresh or with existing infrastructure,
  • Trigon manages complete development projects, providing architectural software and integration solutions. Download PDF here.
  • Methodology

    Starting with the business problem, Trigon partners with clients to ensure a solid understanding of business and functional requirements, budget, and time-to-market pressures. Through collaboration on alternative technologies, Trigon partners with clients and vendors to determine the best combination of hardware, packaged software, and custom development to achieve the highest quality solution. Trigon uses proven rapid application development techniques to ensure delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Complete Solutions

    We provide comprehensive, scalable, integrated solutions that harness and exploit the power of the internet. To achieve this, Trigon offers complete solutions for integration projects:

    Program Management - ensuring that your initiatives are delivered on time, within budget, and are aligned to business objectives.

    Architecture and Design - providing a comprehensive and complete solution to meet business needs.

    Package Selection and Configuration - working with clients to evaluate and select the best solution, and then installing and configuring the selected package(s).

    Software Development Services - specializing in enterprise class, scalable, web based solutions, Trigon develops the software needed to fill the gaps in the solution set as well as to provide competitive advantage.

    Integration Services - using leading edge Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) frameworks, Trigon integrates packages, custom solutions and legacy systems into a cohesive OSS.

  • Web OSS Solution

    Riptide Networks required a partner to take them from a start position to a fully operational information technology infrastructure. Trigon delivered a web-enabled, complete OSS solution in 90 days.

    Call Center Management

    Bell Canada needed to quickly integrate the TotalView Workforce Management application with its legacy payroll system. Trigon translated complex business rules into payroll instructions, and integrated Bell's applications on time and within budget.

    Download Project Briefs

    Call Center Integration
    Riptide OSS


  • Our highly skilled technology management and delivery professionals are excellent resources to engage in planning your next in-house systems integration or software development project. Our resources can be called upon to perform specific analysis and planning objectives, or contracted for a designated period
  • of time to increase the throughput of an internal development team. Our consulting and contract engagements include terms with TELUS, TELUS Mobility (Consulting brief), Sprint Canada, Bell Canada, Riptide Networks and Hutchinson Communications. Download PDF here.
  • Application Expertise

    1. Billing and Customer Care
    2. Customer Relationship Management
    3. Sales and Channel Compensation
    4. Web-based Customer Self-Service
    5. Order Management
    6. Provisioning and Inventory
    7. Network Activation and Management
    8. Enterprise Application Integration
    9. Inter-Connection Gateway
    10. Trouble Management
    11. Fraud Management
    12. Taxation
    13. Inter-Carrier Settlement
  • Industry Expertise

    1. Local Service
    2. Long Distance
    3. DSL Service
    4. Wireless Service
    5. IP Service
    6. VPN Service
    7. Toll Free Service
    8. Calling Cards
  • Technology Expertise

    1. Unix and Microsoft platforms
    2. Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) technologies
    3. MS COM and .NET technologies
    4. E-business enablers Vitria and Oracle
  • Download Project Brief

    Channel Compensation
  • Roles

    1. OSS Architecture Strategy
    2. E-Business Strategy
    3. Package Selection, Implementation and Integration
    4. Program Planning
    5. Delivery Management
    6. Vendor Management
    7. User Requirements Gathering and Analysis
    8. Custom Application Development Team Leadership
    9. Developer Specialists
    10. Database Specialists
    11. Post-Production Support


  • We offer application support services for our quality software products and our custom software development initiatives.
  • Download PDF here.
  • Our Approach

    Trigon offers access to highly skilled help desk and software support specialists, training to quickly and effectively respond to calls and requests initiated from the internal staff of corporate clients, as well from external customers of these corporate clients. Support programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

    Complete Solutions

    Among the many features of the support services offered by Trigon are:

    • Flexible hours for both mission-critical and non-mission-critical applications
    • Fast and professional responses
    • Guaranteed response times
    • 1-800 support line access
    • Personalized call handling processes
    • Extensive call reporting and analysis options


  • On-site, instructor-led courses and training manuals are available for all Trigon products, as well as for any custom solutions developed by Trigon.
  • Courses consist of lecture and hands-on exercises, which are adapted to meet each customer's specific requirements.
  • Our Approach

    Trigon works with each customer to understand their unique training requirements, including classroom setup and number of students. Student materials and hands-on exercises are then tailored, resulting in a directly relevant and memorable training experience for the students.